Code Of Practice For Complaint Handling

Who we are
SurfAnytime is an established ISP providing a broad range of Internet services to both commercial and domestic (consumer) clients. Services to consumers include dial-up and broadband Internet access, web space and email together with a range of other services.

Purpose of this Code of Practice
The Code of Practice is intended to demonstrate that SurfAnytime will adopt a high standard of professional practice within its service provision to you. The code is intended to promote positive relations between you and the company, to provide standards of confidentiality and privacy, to provide a transparent mechanism for complaint handling and to ensure that complaints against the company are handled in a fair and efficient manner.

SurfAnytime customer service
SurfAnytime aim to provide a high standard of customer service and to deal with any complaints in a fair and honest manner. Our customer service standards are set out in this Code of Practice which includes details of how to lodge a complaint if you think that we have failed to meet the standards expected.

Terms and Conditions
SurfAnytime operate under standard terms and conditions for our ISP services which are shown on our web site as part of the registration process

Acceptable Use Policy
SurfAnytime operates an acceptable use policy for users of its ISP services which is shown on our web site at

Customer Service Helpline
SurfAnytime provides a technical services helpline facility which can be accessed from 09.00 Monday to 17.00 Friday (with the exception of various Bank, Public and local holidays). Calls are charged at the national call rate. You can contact the technical services helpline on 0141 530 3633. SurfAnytime provides a service status page on its website which provides details of all maintenance and service related matters. This can be found at

Acceptable Use Policy
SurfAnytime operates an acceptable use policy for users of its ISP services which is shown on our web site at

Replies to correspondence
SurfAnytime will aim to reply to all correspondence within two working days of receipt.

Quality of Service and Repairs
SurfAnytime is not able to guarantee service access speeds. These can be affected by a wide range of factors outside of our control. Web access and download speeds will be affected by other users on a global scale. If a fault occurs, SurfAnytime advises you to contact the technical services helpline on 0141 530 3633 in the first case. Alternatively, clients may send emails to Our target for fixing faults is no more than 24 hours. Where customer connections are provided over circuits not owned or managed by SurfAnytime, service periods and fault fixes may take longer than 24 hours. SurfAnytime will do all that it can to liaise with you and the line connection provider to ensure that faults are fixed within the shortest possible time. SurfAnytime suggest that you should save information locally as well as on our servers, ensuring that you have a copy of important data such as mail, web sites etc. in the event of a server fault.

Charges from SurfAnytime
SurfAnytime publishes pricing for ISP services on its web-site at If you are unable to find the information that you require, please contact the Sales Team on 0141 530 3633 for advice. Prices shown on the SurfAnytime web site are quoted including VAT unless otherwise stated. Most services are provisioned through an online ordering process. You can submit applications for consumer ISP services including broadband connectivity through the online order forms. Data will be collected from you during the order process and this data will be used solely for the provision of the service, billing and SurfAnytime customer relations. Payments are due in advance of service being delivered and are normally taken by either direct debit or credit card payment. If we are unable to debit our charges from your account for any reason, you agree to pay them immediately on request. If you have a query on your invoice, please call our accounts team on 0141 530 3633. If we find a mistake on your invoice, we will adjust it or credit a refund to your account. If you query any charge on your invoice, our accounts team will look into it. If you are not satisfied with our response to any dispute, please follow our complaints procedure. If you are late in paying or refuse to pay the invoice submitted, SurfAnytime reserve the right to terminate your Internet services.

Contract Terms
Dependant on your chosen solution, a minimum term of either 3 or 12 months will apply. Cancellations will only be accepted from within your online control panel : Cancellations will only be accepted outwith the minimum term contract by giving at least 1 month notice before your next billing date. Should you wish to terminate whilst within your selected minimum term contract, you must contact our billing department to discuss early termination payments.

Suspension and disconnection of ISP service
SurfAnytime will provide you with information relating to the suspension of ISP services. This will normally be via email. Normally, planned maintenance will only take place between 00.01 and 03.00, however it may be necessary to carry out other work outside of these times. We may have to suspend service without prior notice, however this would only be for circumstances beyond our control such as essential maintenance. SurfAnytime will always try to ensure that any suspension causes minimum inconvenience but we are unable to accept any responsibility for financial or consequential loss that you may suffer as a result. SurfAnytime reserve the right to suspend or disconnect ISP service after non-payment. If we are about to suspend or disconnect you for non-payment, we will contact you by email. If you are disconnected for non-payment, please contact our Accounts team on 0141 530 3633 as soon as possible to arrange re-connection. If SurfAnytime does disconnect you from our ISP service, we reserve the right to refuse reconnection to you and to your address. If you are suspended or disconnected by mistake, SurfAnytime will work to reconnect you as soon as possible although this may take a few days.

If you have a complaint about any part of the SurfAnytime ISP service, please contact our Customer Service team on 0141 530 3633 or by email to in the first instance. If the Customer Service team are unable to resolve your complaint, please write with details to: Mr Danny McCaig, SurfAnytime Communications, Suite 46, Grovewood Business Centre, Strathclyde Business Park, North Lanarkshire, ML4 3NQ

SurfAnytime is committed to Customer Service. The company will try to resolve any complaint to your satisfaction as soon as is possible. If we do not do this, please write to: Mr Derek Lewis, SurfAnytime Communications, Suite 46, Grovewood Business Centre, Strathclyde Business Park, North Lanarkshire, ML4 3NQ

SurfAnytime will reply to all complaints within 5 days of receipt and will provide a full explanation or an update on progress as appropriate. If our investigation of a complaint takes more than 5 working days, we will keep you informed about progress. You will be given a named contact who will be responsible for your complaint and this named contact will provide updates on progress.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
If a complaint to SurfAnytime is unresolved eight weeks after first making it or if Firely has issued a letter to the complainant saying that the issue has reached "deadlock", the complaint may be referred to CISAS, which is an independent ADR service : CISAS, c/o DRS-CIArb, 12 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2LP. Email: Tel: 020 7421 7432 FAX: 020 7404 7150 Text Phone: 020 7242 5643

Communicating with Customers
SurfAnytime communicates with you in a variety of ways including by email, telephone, letter and through our web site at http://www.surfanytime.comSurfAnytime will only communicate with you in relation to the ISP service provided or to provide information about other services that may be available from the company. SurfAnytime will not pass your contact details to any third party.

Code of Practice
This Code of Practice is reviewed at regular intervals as required by the regulator (Ofcom) and is displayed here upon approval of the regulator.. Customers will be advised of any changes to the Code of Practice. The latest version of the Code of Practice will always be available on our web site at

Accessing or transmitting unlawful material
SurfAnytime recognises that you will want to be able to access as wide a range of Internet services as possible and does not wish to restrict that access. However, we do not knowingly permit the transmission of, or access to, material that the UK law enforcement authorities regard as unlawful. SurfAnytime wishes to advise customers that a very large quantity of data passes through its network each day and that it is impossible to monitor all traffic passing through the system. SurfAnytime understands that the original content provider is responsible for content published on the Internet and for ensuring that that content is lawful. We do not, and cannot, limit access to materials unless advised by appropriate law enforcement agencies that material is unlawful. SurfAnytime does operate its own Acceptable Use Policy and will take action to limit access if customers actions are in contravention of the policy. The latest copy of the Acceptable Use Policy can be found on the web site at In the UK, the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) monitors and coordinates action against unlawful materials. The IWF is supported by the Department of Trade and Industry, Home Office, ISPs and Police Authorities. If law enforcement agencies regard Internet content as unlawful, they advise the IWF who contact ISPs to arrange for action to block access to the materials. If you feel that any site is in contravention of UK law should contact the IWF via its web site at and give information about the location of the site.

How to Contact SurfAnytime
If you wish to contact SurfAnytime Sales Team, please call 0141 530 3633 between 09.00 and 17.00 Monday to Friday. If you require technical support assistance, please call 0141 530 3633 from 09.00 Monday to 17.00 Friday. Please note that there is no Technical Support Helpdesk telephone service available on Saturdays, Sundays, New Year's Day, Easter Day and Christmas Day. Calls to the Technical Support Helpdesk are charged at national call rates. Alternatively, please send an email to By Post:- SurfAnytime Communications, Suite 46, Grovewood Business Centre, Strathclyde Business Park, North Lanarkshire, ML4 3NQ

Code of Practice
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