VoIP, the perfect addition to high speed, dedicated access

If you have or are considering dedicated, high speed access for your business connectivity, you are in an ideal position to reduce your expenditure on telecoms and potentially increase productivity by replacing legacy and expensive PSTN/ISDN/ISDN30 circuits.

The benefits of SurfAnytime's VoIP extend beyond cheaper calls with a marked increase in flexibility, mobility and reliability.


Move your telephone lines to us and receive 3 month's rental and 1000 minutes free.(*)

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Business mobile services
Contact us about your business' mobile requirements and we could offer you cashback!

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Business and consumer broadband services, upto 24Mbps, LLU also available.

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Fibre to the cabinet
Business and consumer fibre services, upto 80Mbps downstream and upto 20Mbps upstream.

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EFM, Leased Lines
Upto 20Mbps up and down with dedicated uncontended bandwidth, prices from £300 per month.

EFM & Leased Lines Services

What is dedicated access ?
Dedicated access services are premium internet connectivity products which are dedicated and provide uncontended, symmetrical speeds. It is also known as an EFM, Ethernet leased line, DIA line, data circuit or private circuit.

What type of dedicated access services are available?

SurfAnytime provides EFM and Ethernet/Fibre leased lines to business across the UK. Traditionally leased lines were and still are delivered via SDH networks and 20CN networks. With the advancement of 21CN and Next Generation Networks, Ethernet is now the more common and more popular method of leased line termination.

What speed of internet leased lines is available through SurfAnytime?
An internet leased line is uncontended which means you are the only business who can use the line, unlike DSL which commonly is contended, so you inevitably share your speed with other businesses around you. Internet leased lines offer very flexible speeds and Vaioni offer speeds starting at 1mb up to 10Gb+ across the UK, all based on Ethernet, 21CN technology.

EFM Product/Pricing Information

EFM stands for Ethernet in the First Mile and is a technology for delivering a high speed (up to 10Mbps), reliable internet connection to your business. Unlike a traditional leased line which uses Fibre to connect you to your local exchange EFM uses bundles of copper pairs which means lower costs, high resilience with a faster installation time. Speeds are also symmetrical, so unlike a broadband connection you get the same speeds uploading data as you do downloading.

High Performance
We can set EFM up for you at a range of speeds: 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 Mbps, the speed you can get will depend on your exchange. Request a quote to find out what speed you could get with EFM.

Lower TCO
Because EFM uses copper lines that are already in place there is no need for expensive digs to install new lines, making it cheaper to install with lower monthly rental charges. If you want speeds of up to 10Mbps EFM could save you up to 65% of the cost of a traditional leased line. 60% of UK business are located in an EFM area. To find out if you can get EFM in your area request a quote.

Faster Deployment
Because EFM uses existing infrastructure your connection can be up and running within 30 days of your contract being signed. This is potentially twice as fast as a traditional leased line. So if you have a new site going live or a pressing need for higher bandwidth or better reliability, EFM could be the solution for you.

Improved Resilience
Because EFM uses multiple bundles of copper pairs the solution has a high level of reliance. Should one of the copper pairs ever temporarily fail your connection will be shared over the remaining copper pairs keeping your business connected to the internet.

Better VoIP, Video & VPN
VOIP, VPN and video can all be very sensitive to latency, leading to poor voice quality, buffering and other issues over a traditional broadband connection. EFM can offer higher speeds, with a high upstream and downstream connection speeds which offers a perfect solution for businesses that want to make the most of this money saving technology

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Leased Lines

A leased line is a dedicated data line that connects companies to the internet or allows for fast inter-site connectivity. The user will have exclusive access to the leased line, meaning a guaranteed level of quality of speed and data transfer can be assured by the supplier, as it is uncontended. Sometimes called 'private circuits' or 'data lines', leased lines can be used to link two geographically distant arms of the same business and are always active, meaning data can be transferred at all times. Leased lines are used by companies, or even individuals, to access the internet as they provide a guaranteed level of service and speed, offering fast data transfer over a completely secure connection at a price that can be cost effective for very heavy internet users.

What are the options with a Leased line?

You can choose to simply connect a single site to the internet using the leased line
You can link remote offices to your head office using the leased line
You can create a fully private network connecting all of your locations

What are the benefits of a SurfAnytime leased line services?
A SurfAnytime leased line connection offers you:

+ Better value for money - more bandwidth and lower cost than traditional leased lines
+ High levels of reliability backed by a 100% leased line SLA (Service Level Agreement)
+ State of the art networks used on all SurfAnytime leased lines
+ Leased line technology from SurfAnytime allows you to harness the benefits of reliable,
   secure and dependable internet connectivity
+ Our leased line products can be used to connect directly to the internet or to network your offices,
   with the former option often offering a better value option over traditional internet leased lines
   when considering your internet connection

How much does a leased line cost?
SurfAnytime offers some of the most competitive leased line prices in the UK. Typically our customers get 40-50% better leased line prices by buying through us. For more details on our leased line pricing, make a quick leased line price request.

Leased line speeds
Bandwidth speeds can range from 2Mbps to 10 Gbps with pricing from between £2,000 per annum to £8,000 per annum. The flexibility of a leased line makes it a popular choice for companies looking to improve their internet connection. A SurfAnytime leased line is priced on speed rather than distance and, as a result, organisations can enjoy a cost-effective data connection based on their individual circumstances. Many factors can determine which type of leased line connection is best suited to their needs. The decision on the speed of a connection may be influenced by staff numbers or the demand resulting from the industry sector in which the company operates.

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Business Benefits

+ Guaranteed un-contended bandwidth
+ High capacity from 2Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s
+ Service Level Agreements providing guaranteed uptime and fault repair within 4 hours
+ Provided with Managed Cisco hardware as standard with 4 hour on site repair by our Cisco
   Certified engineers 24x7x365

+ Resilience, backup and auto fail-over options both for the leased line and managed hardware
+ Managed Firewall options

For more information please call a member of our sales team on 0141 530 3633 or 0141 280 5550
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