VoIP, the perfect alternative to ISDN

Reduce your expenditure on telecoms and potentially increase productivity by replacing legacy and comparitively expensive PSTN/ISDN/ISDN30 circuits.

The benefits of SurfAnytime's VoIP extend beyond cheaper calls with a marked increase in flexibility, mobility and reliability.


Move your ISDN lines to us and receive 3 month's rental and 1000 minutes free.(*)


Hosted and site based PBXs
Save 50% on your telecoms bill with VoIP lines from only £6 per month and mobile rates from 5ppm.

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Business mobile services
Contact us about your business' mobile requirements and we could offer you cashback!

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Landline Service

SurfAnytime can offer your business cost effective telephone line rentals and calls.
Save even more money if you have multiple lines and/or multiple sites with more efficient single, easy to understand billing.

Special Offer

Transfer your ISDN lines to SurfAnytime and receive three month's line rental AND 1000 minutes of landline calls free of charge. (Terms & Conditions Apply).

Lets Negotiate !

If you have multiple telephone lines, multiple sites, etc, let's chat and see what bespoke pricing we can arrange !

Business Standard/Multiline Product/Pricing Information

Single Line Multiline
Line Type Analog Analog
Default Care Level (?) 1 1
Upgrade To Care Level 2 (?) + £2.50/month + £2.50/line/month
Upgrade To Care Level 3 (?) + £5.00/month + £5.00/line/month
Min Channels 1 2
Max Channels (?) (?)
Freephone Support (?) included included
Contract Term Options (months) 12 12
New Installation £85.00 £85.00/line
Line Transfers £2.50 £2.50/line
Restart Stopped Line £17.00 £17.00/line
Monthly Rental £13.49 £13.49/line
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Business ISDN2e/ISDN30 Product/Pricing Information

Line Type Digital Digital
Default Care Level (?) 2 2
Upgrade To Care Level 3 (?) + £5.00/channel/month + £5.00/channel/month
Min Channels 2 8
Max Channels (?) (?)
Freephone Support (?) included included
Contract Term Options (months) 12 12
New Installation £285.00 On-site Survey Required
Monthly Rental £14.99/channel £14.99/channel
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Calls Only

You don't have to have your line rental with us to benefit from our cost savings and our billing options, you can keep your existing line provider, change your call traffic to us and use our systems to analyse and arrange all your call bills.

This works particularly well if, for example, your lines are in a lengthy contract with BT that feels like it will never end but your call traffic contract just "happens" to be in a contract with them but in a different cycle - sound familiar ?

Break this deadlock and free yourself from your current provider's grips...once your call traffic is out of contract, transfer it to us, we handle your calls and the billing of them, your existing provider still bills you for line rental until that contract runs out then, hopefully, you'll be so delighted with the service from SurfAnytime, you can then transfer your lines to us in full, Win - Win !

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Multi-Site Customer Benefits

We have built up a strong relationship with many businesses who operate multiple sites. With this relationship comes experience and understanding.

Understanding Your Business

Every business is different. They are run different and have different needs from their telecoms supplier. This doesn't simply mean business A) needs 20*ISDN30 channels from two sites and business B) needs a single PSTN line across 85 locations, we understand the differences run deeper than that. Relationships are different, physical requirements are different, billing periods are different, cost centres differ, billing information differs, etc.


We believe we have a very flexible approach to our customers' needs, with a zero "can't be done" attitude. If our customers need specific information from our systems in order to make their lives easier, we will do our level best to ensure those needs are fulfilled. This can be as simple as having certain cost-codes on invoices, specific layouts of invoicing, your own references applied, csv exports etc.

Web Portal

Your existing telecoms provider may provide you with something similar, a web based interface so you can view your bill etc but if you have multiple sites, your needs are probably for something more bespoke and not "off-the-shelf" that doesn't quite fit your needs. Our portal is written and support by in-house staff meaning we can adapt this to your needs if you have anything specific, something we have already adapted for a few of our major Corporate clients.

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