Where VoIP can help

VoIP is ideal for businesses small and large, from single locations to multiple sites.

Small Business
No need to purchase and maintain your own, on-site PBX. Our Cloud based hosted PBX means we look after it for you and you still benefit from all the hi-tech features you need from a phone system and receive the cost benefits of VoIP calls, all from only £6 per month per extension.
Growing Business
With our Cloud based hosted PBX, we can activate a new extenion for you in a matter of minutes - no waiting weeks for another telephone line to be installed.
Business Centres
Our virtual hosted PBX facilities are ideal for business centres who need to have individual telephone systems for their clients with the ease of adding/removing clients/extensions. Billing can be direct to the tenant, or the business centre in a single bill with tenant breakdown.


Move your ISDN lines to us and receive 3 month's rental and 1000 minutes free.(*)

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Hosted and site based PBXs
Save 50% on your telecoms bill with VoIP lines from only £6 per month and mobile rates from 5ppm.


Business mobile services
Contact us about your business' mobile requirements and we could offer you cashback!

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VoIP/SIP Services

Replacing legacy, and expensive, ISDN lines is easier than you may think with a SurfAnytime VoIP service.

Our SIP trunks and Hosted PBX facilities provide you with multiple telephone lines over a single high speed Internet connection. With potential savings of over 90% on service rentals, SurfAnytime VoIP services are an ideal opportunity to reduce your expenditure in a time where everyone is looking at their bottom line.

Making the decision to take your telephony system into the next generation of communications with VoIP services is not always an obvious one but when you realise how potentially costly your current telephone lines/ISDN are in comparison to SurfAnytime's sophisticated and effective VoIP services, that choice becomes crystal clear. Routing your business calls over the Internet with our VoIP services, IP telephony has got to be your first choice. PSTN/ISDN Lines are becoming a trend of the past.

Hosted PBX Product/Pricing Information

SurfAnytime Express PBX is an enhanced VoIP solution designed for small business customers who require a reliable and robust business level telephony solution at an affordable and cost effective price. SurfAnytime Express PBX has a very low monthly fee of £6.00/extension per month and is inclusive of all the key features detailed.

Low CAPEX, Rapid Deployment
You have no physical PBX to purchase, you have no physical PBX to run/manage, it's all online and in the cloud, we do that hard work, you simply make the calls your business needs! We could have an entire 20 extension office configured and deployed in a matter of days and next day is a viable option where needed. Additional extensions do not need any new "lines" installed, they can be added in minutes.

We can provide your business with pre-configured handsets that numbers whilst you get a service that fits your needs integrate directly with your new VoIP system to ensure you get the very best out of it from the outset. We supply various specifications from entry level to higher end "receptionist" phones that allow additional modules, more advanced programming etc.

Running Cost Comparison
Use our comparison chart below to see how much you could be saving vs ISDN or BT's Featureline.

Number Of Concurrent Channels ISDN2e Featureline SurfAnytime Express PBX
2 £35.76 £43.44 £12.00
4 £71.52 £86.88 £24.00
8 £143.04 £173.76 £48.00
> 8 Even more savings...
Comparisons based on BT's standard rate for ISDN2e and Featureline with 12 month contracts for line rentals only, costs are monthly exc VAT.

Call Cost Comparison
Our analysis shows we generally half a customers call bill when they transfer to VoIP. If your current call spend is £7000 pa, we could save you £3500 in call costs on top of the savings you could make on your current line rental. * example rates below subject to terms and conditions and other variables
Destination Cost/min*
UK National or Local (01,02,03) 1.5p
UK Mobile (Vodafone,O2,T-Mobile,Orange) 7.5p
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Hosted PBX Featurelist

All of our hosted PBXs come complete with the following feature rich facilities by default;

Hunt Groups

Hunt groups ring a number of extensions at the same time or in a particular order allowing any of those extensions to answer the call

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding allows users to forward incoming calls to another destination including mobiles etc.

Call Parking

While on a call, the user can park the call, move to another location, and then continue to talk to the caller from that new location.

Instant Recording

During a conversation, the user with this service enabled can press the activation code to instantly record the current call.

Call Pickup

This service enables the user to pick up ringing calls on another extension if they are part of the same call group.


An IVR service enables you to divert multiple enquiries to different departments within your organisation, without the need of a receptionist.

Music On Hold

Music on hold is the music that callers hear when they are put on hold by a user, in queues, auto-attendants, etc.

Time of Day

You may have different priorities at different times of day or some staff members may only be available at certain times. Re-routing calls is easy to achieve using the Hosted PBX web control panel and you can adjust settings in real time, whenever your requirements change.


Making sure that messages dont get lost is a critical issue for any business. Hosted PBX allows customers or colleagues to leave messages at individual extensions. You can manage and listen to mail from your desk handset.

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Multi-Site Customer Benefits

We have built up a strong relationship with many businesses who operate multiple sites. With this relationship comes experience and understanding.

Understanding Your Business

Every business is different. They are run different and have different needs from their telecoms supplier. This doesn't simply mean business A) needs 20 extensions from two sites and business B) needs 2 extensions in each of 85 locations, we understand the differences run deeper than that. Relationships are different, physical requirements are different, billing periods are different, cost centres differ, billing information differs, etc.


We believe we have a very flexible approach to our customers' needs, with a zero "can't be done" attitude. If our customers need specific information from our systems in order to make their lives easier, we will do our level best to ensure those needs are fulfilled. This can be as simple as having certain cost-codes on invoices, specific layouts of invoicing, your own references applied, csv exports etc.

Many Sites, One Phone System

Having disparate locations no longer requires individual phone systems in each. With our cloud based PBX, each of your remote locations can connect to your own set of virtual PBX with their own operating hours, own dialing rules, hunt groups etc, or indeed one large virtual PBX with similar facilities. With this configuration, calls between sites would be free of charge, saving you even more money. Having a setup like this could seriously increase your productivity in the event of a major issue such as the Winter of 2010, if one office has to be closed down in one part of the country, calls can easily be transferred to another office to ensure you, and your customers, keep going !

Web Portal

Your existing telecoms provider may provide you with something similar, a web based interface so you can view your bill etc but if you have multiple sites, your needs are probably for something more bespoke and not "off-the-shelf" that doesn't quite fit your needs. Our portal is written ans support by in-house staff meaning we can adapt this to your needs if you have anything specific, something we have already adapted for a few of our major Corporate clients. If you would like to see this in it's basic form, please see the screenshots below;

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